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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Title: You already know. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I push you aside, as the feeling pours through my veins
I've craved for this, but now it's here I feel previous pain once again
I've never been inside, but imagination means everything
you already take the blame, for my constant repulsive actions
I appreciate everything you are, everything you mean to me

I guess we'll just never remain, together
but we'll love each other, apart
to know and understand another
a certainty I've never heard of

Chorus: I'll wash away the scent of you,
under showers of the shade of blue,
I can't be anything other than myself with you,
learn to love, to touch, to be with me
you already knew how to
you already knew how to
understand my needs
understand the space and air that I regretfully breathe

Rub me into the walls, would you notice me?
soothe me with your words like knives
I love how I'm the beckon to your call
and for you I'd be everything,
I'd suffer anything just to be your fool

pick out the good in me, is there any?
and if I look at you in any odd way, please don't think that I meant it
and if I say the wrong thing, please assume that I didn't think about it
pick out the good in me, is there any?


infinity is as near as it is far,
stay out of trouble, keep away from me
you are a sash of gold,
your contents for me to hold
you never retreat or leave
from me and my consistent faults
I awake in hunger, I awake in and with you


Ending: show me how to feel again,
I've suffered from loneliness for far too long, self-inflicted
mutated wounds, they cry for your touch
show me how to feel again,
teach me how to be human

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