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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Title: Perception. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Darling, my fondness of you is a thing we can't ignore
the fidelity of the chemical substance, released to soothe
you're my personal pacifier, you're mine to hold
the ever after math, we so swiftly know

You keep me elevated, so I can swim back to shore
through the depths of the darkness that keeps me from going home
rapidly we fall through the denseness of this feeling that we've never shown
you comprehend that this is all we'll know
 but at least we're now a combination
the past has proven we can only go wrong

Chorus: we're two empty bodies, the lack of contact
too afraid to feel, to touch and to love flaws we never knew
we remain safe, under the layers of emotion we provide to each other
we'll push this aside for today, leaving the heart on our sleeves wide open
and I think we missed the invitation of how this would be
but at least now we're a combination
from here we can only go wrong

We're both feeling fortunate,
an emotion nothing but fate can provide
this prolonged encounter
I feel the mental connection, the intertwining, the strength of our minds on their own

You dream in black and white,
I dream in colour, like the fool
you show me ways to believe in this world
to carry on another day, to remain in this incandescent way


Ending: Your perception of me, enough to make a blind man see
but no one else would ever believe in something they don't know, yet
we'll wait for our bodies to meet, aligned by innocent heat
and when the softness ended, we'll never retreat
in my imagination you are made of gold
an inanimate love I'll never own

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