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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Title: Never Show, The Afterglow. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

An innocent face washed away with the dirtiest gaze,
I long for you, I wait for you, always
submissive to your brutally motionless ways
I've been craving you, your touch, your breath, the words you'll never ever say

I perceive you as a lover, but you perceive me as a fool
don't wake me up, I've been trying to find you
but you could never know
you're face, it never shows

unaware, the blissful presence never lasts
innocent imitation, of how this could be
unaware, the blissful presence never lasts
you've frightened me before, you've been in my room, you shut the door
the mask I never saw before, falls to your feet, for me to hold

Chorus: Your eyes move so fast, flicker like cold candles in the angry winter breeze
static, I beg for your comforting affection
although I've never even seen the slightest sight of it yet
there's nothing here to tie us down
just verbal memories, yet to bloom
I blossom for you, to try to catch your gaze
but I've never seen you before, although my mind doesn't feel the same

The yield that this provides for us,
I wait for you, I won't vanish
we'll be the after glow
but you could never know
your face it never shows

I thrive like blood,
patience wearing thin
a clot waiting to begin
through the thickness of your touch
prospered by the imagination of you to hold


Ending: This is the afterglow, everything we thought we'd ever know
but nothing like we thought we'd feel, blossoming to feelings we've never shown
your eyes move so fast, flickering over the sight of my skin in it's pureness
I wait for your touch, I've never felt anything so strong before
we'll be the after glow, but you could never know
your face it never show

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