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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Title: Beckoners. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Beckoner, when you gonna come back?
you forgot me, you lost me
beckoner when will you come back?
you lost me, lost me

I fought the fire with the rain,
but you're not the same, not the same
you were hurt by a different kind of pain
the kind that can't be fixed by gentle touch and time

chorus: Our eyes see different worlds,
to you I'm just another girl,
but that's short lived,
when you, when you, when you
sail away in your mind,
your body, carries you to a better place
tranquility sinks on your face,
you claim the throne,
the throne, the throne

wear me down,
tear me apart,
I don't mind it, I don't mind it,
used to it, the disappointment,
but I will always love you,
this serene comfort you so subtly provide,
slip me away, into a coma of no words, just lies
the time away from you I never despise

and we're falling into place,
but we're in two different locations,
our souls the same but no match can be found for us,
we're just another pair of fools in love,
but beckoner, when will you come back again?
I've missed you like the blunt knife who leaves no pain
and beckoner, will you ever be the same?


ending: Sail with me softly, into a better state of mind
think words of freedom, we're both entitled to a piece of real love
perhaps we're just not good enough,
fools in love,
we're both just beckoners

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