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Monday, 11 June 2012

Title: All this is. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And when you talk, does it feel like your chewing on glass?
the words that hurt the most always come from your mouth
I'll always choke on your touch, but I'm helpless to you,
helpless to your constant disappointment

and like I always do
I wait for you, in the shadows of your body,
lurking and craving for your love
the warm touch,
I never feel from you,
danger lurks beside us,
the warm love,
I always crave from you,
you don't know how to feel
you don't know how to feel

Chorus: the two of us, fall so deeply tonight
and tell me things will be alright when we simmer down by the fire,
you watch me so subtly but I can see your face changing in the light,
the expressions you've so bitterly shown me installed within time
and we're the pioneers of creative disaster, we'll bare that in mind
and we take what's left, we take what's dead and breathe it in

yet still I'm touched, by the surrounding beauty of us, falling apart
yet still I'm loved, but by the people I never look up to, enough
and so I pray for your acceptance, a bitter daze, a soul collection
and I'll wait, and I'll wait for this moment to arrive
the look in your eyes says it all for now

that's all this is, a waiting game
and you're to blame for the constant shame on my lips
when we lie, we lie side by side
and grow we will, into another worried shape,
I am yours, I am yours to take


ending: so tell me now, was I too late?
I tried my very hardest to feel the same,
but the worlds that we live in just complain,
so tell me now, please
was I too late? like I'll always be
tell me now, please
was I the bitter name rolling down your face
the likeliness of you caring, what are the odds.

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