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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Title: The One (Who) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I've never been the wise one,
but for you I'll always break,
you fix me and fold me into flaws,
you love me and tell me you adore me,
it's in your eyes, lying through the tip of your lashes
fool me, hard baby I will fall
soothe me, I'm not the one you adore

It's the painful stare I see across the room,
your eyes meet with her, I'm stuck here, practically watching you
and in my mind I'll let you, listen to me but we both know
she's better than that you see, in me

I've seen you and her before, in a nightmare
the feeling I've pushed away and ignored, comes back
and I've so much love for you, you don't know it yet
I'll wait in the side lines, lurking behind you
until you learn to love me

chorus: I'll wait in the wings, again
until you pull me out
things will never get better,
if we learn to love, how to hold, how to touch one another
and things will get better, us, eventually

I carry my soul in the body I despise
I'll hide it from you, until I feel your worthy of my time
I make a barrier out of past mistakes
it stops me feeling, touching you in a mental state

Forever I'm just the one that you rarely acknowledge
and would you care if I ran away from you?
if I hid would you play this game or just move onto somebody new
forever I'm just the one that will never do


ending: I'll picture us, as an item, in one more chance
faith is never restored until we all feel like there's time
for it, for you, I'd go blind
easy to abuse my fragile mind
and I'll just be the one that you never loved
there's always faults in me and never in her

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