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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Title: Unfamiliar. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You've got me falling at your feet,
with the words you say, highly misleading
and you make many promises we both know you can't keep
you try to give me the world and more, but we both know you're in too many doubts

And as this current pulls us closer,
next to your soul I feel weak,
I could be so much better,
but it'd take more than the time I'm yours to keep

And in my mind my heart is made up,
with false love and affection,
and with your eyes I stay late up, questioning our ability
our ability to stay, united by the power of consistent fear

Chorus: Please share with me what it is,
that keeps you coming back,
is it the way I press my lips? when there's nothing else we can say
the conversation frozen as our hands do nothing but play,
yet in your eyes I am the fool,  for loving you in so many ways
and the weight in your mind is so heavy now
and what was I meant to do? I lost my way and I regret it now
so pull me apart and keep me yours, forever

I'm not lonely, I'm okay
into your arms, an unfamiliar place
where my worries lay their anchor and my fears they remain the same
the brush of your hand, and the whisper in your kiss
it's enough to fool a wise man,  with all this filling emptiness
the way your hips touch mine, we collide like wounds in a battlefield
but this lust and fate is here to stay, with our young minds so naive


ending: and it's the way you press your lips against mine,
the subtle word leaks from your touches, and I'm foolish to be the one who said so
but baby I'm hurting for you

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