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Monday, 11 June 2012

Title: Self-intoxication Written By: Eleanor Diplock

As far as your concerned,
I'm just the bitter bait,
it's occurring once again, the disaster lingering on your face
it's all a matter of time, when will I make you mine?
how will we decide if the constellations always stay the same?

and we're peculiarly attached, to nothing
you and me alone, pure simplicity
yet I'm worried that this feeling's ever so wrong,
I won't let you know, I'll just listen when you stop talking
and this makes you lie awake all through the night, this lie

chorus: he's intoxicated by himself,
everyday he's seen with someone else,
and every day he kisses somebody new, never you
and the moment conversations stop, he'll be gone again
I'll wait in the rain for my chance, I believe deep down I can
I'll show to you what love is all about, you can change if you're in doubt
and I'll talk to you when nobody else is around, but only if you're able to let me down
the moment comes and I'm gone, again

I slowly try to bring you back,
not knowing where I had gone wrong,
I'm slightly interested, but that's all
and surely I'm just lying here,
waiting to be the beckon to your call,
and you're only slightly interested in me, that's all

and with you I feel washed out,
the tide pulling away every shy part of me,
I'm left, and what is there to know?
oh, this is all it is
oh, you and me alone,
simplicity, that's all this is


ending: And I was just the substance, that you always used
never appreciated till you felt so blue,
and I was just the answer, to every problem lived
never fully understood but that's all that I did,
and I was just the late nights that you so sorely miss,
hand in hand we'll guide each other, that's all it is

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