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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Title: NEver Know. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Your hands are meant for me to hold, to own, to touch
you push me away with a single word
to devastate and hurt, with you it's a must
I'm not asking for the world, that's just too much
I just want to be your girl, but I'm not clever, I don't know how to know
and I'm as serious as your life in seasons
never feared but always doubted

every action your body involuntary speaks through
a grain of truth remains in the bitter blood your alive by
I'm always alright when you're not near
but who longs to be alright? I long to be better now

Chorus: You never know where I am,
so you can never take me away from this
nothing ever comes naturally to me
always forced to feel, to act human
you gently whisper soft words in my ear
but I know that you don't care at all
I'm just another body you desire to get rid of

I'd be a liar if I said I want you back,
I want you, but no where near me
I'd be a coward if I didn't know how to talk to you
but please pull me back to the place where I loved you
bad things come in threes, please don't remain next to me
I'll keep my head in the sky, longing for your devotion
I desire the day where I'll no longer have to try to please you and your selfish ways


ending: heavenly disaster, to have lasted such a bitter time with you
you taught me how to be broken, to never have to feel
twist my words through the breath in my lungs
I'll be better of beside you but I fear I'm not enough

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