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Friday, 1 June 2012

Title: Do me right (this time) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You stimulate me,
make me better,
fix my wounds,
yet you do me harm,
and physically,
don't bother to compare
I'm almost just enough, not quite there yet

I'd rather be the fool,
that's lonely but funny,
I'd rather hear the news
than listen to your heartbeat,
societal disasters, make us feel complete
and we breathe toxic air to stay alive,
so how's another night with you going to change my life?

Chorus: you open your eyes,
with your mind closed tight,
you hear but you never listen,
so promise me you'll do me right,
stay the night and show me devotion,
I'll talk till my mouth runs dry,
with our fears of what lays deep inside the ocean,
I'll find, a way, to change your mind

And with my body, would you love me?
would you tell me that I looked nice?
would you stare or look away,
when I reveal myself in bright lights?
and I have countless questions,
that require no answers

the demons in my mind,
leave you with another chance,
to get it right this time
to love me right this time
with all you have and can give


ending: I'd like for you to become a part of me,
a way I live, and if this what it means to be free,
then a prisoner of my own mind I'll forever be.

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