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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Title: Dream(er) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Even if I promise you more than this world can carry,
there will come morning, to bring us back around
I like to watch you as you fall asleep,
the way your eyes flicker as your mind let's you see your dreams,
and I know, is it true
that in your wildest dreams, I've been there to?
and I know, is it true
that in your wildest dreams, I've dreamt of you too?

And I long to see this through,
one day things will be different,
you'll wake up wanting more than I can offer,
and I'll walk away with words heavier than the world plus me and you

I'm the constant doubts in your mind, the ones you always push aside
let me in, let me in
you've always been one to distract yourself form realities truth
desperate to dream, the motivation to pull you through

Chorus: and there will always be places we've never been together,
but I'll kiss your lips so tight, they'll be mine in that moment forever,
I'll hold your body close to me, and only for a while, because you're never going to be mine, mine
not ever, and not this time
and you had many a chance before I sailed away to someone new
a feeling I crave, in softness I bathe, I bathe in you and your words

If I wanted you to give me the truth, I'd never have your kiss
and with untold words, there's love in your heart
the division of us, we're never at our best when we're apart
and I'd hope for the day when you'll feel this from the start
I think I love you, the idea of you with me


ending: Let your body take you now,
you've been ready for quite some time,
resisting the temptation to leave me,
somehow you're a mess, sinking to the bottom of the ocean
and that's where I've been longing to see you, beside me
awake but no longer present, as subtle as you do

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