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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Title: Instrumental Written By: Eleanor Diplock

The weight of the world comes easy to you,
your eyes leak such distracting sadness,
you live for the nights that make you feel alive,
but they're too hard to come by,
you crave the fools that you see who say they have it all,
and the weight of the world comes crashing down,
impaling your senses with a modern twisted sound,
and this is all too much for you

If I could feel it all for you, I wouldn't I wouldn't even dare
I see the pressure of the innocent smiles,
I couldn't pause it if I knew,
the thoughts your feeling a from a different kind of view,
a fix of which I thought we'd soon lose

Chorus: And life's an instrumental,
to the rhythm in our veins,
the excitement of disaster keeps our youth churning,
and we constantly wish to feel the warmth,
but our bloods so cold and we're just scars on land,
awaiting our burial, the shelter that we crave for
into your arms, your arms a safe haven for my fragile mind to settle in

And to stay in this moment, I long for a chance
to show you how to feel again,
so hear my first request, the longing of your voice inside my ears
the gentle touch of your lips, the promises at the corners of your mouth
tell me stories of the women who never made it before
and to know that I was the first that got inside of your mind
I long for that moment, I long for that chance


ending: and there's a certain infirmity inside of each and every one of us,
the shadows of our bones made it only by a little too much,
the eagerness of it all, built up and embedded in a youthful musk

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