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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Title: Nude, be. Written By: EleanorDiplock

Sail to the sun,
with my eyes set on you,
and your heart rising at the thought of everything we could do,
and with the faith restored in our eyes,
our dreams become but a distant memory,
we're all that we could ever be, but together
all that we could ever be, but together

you've got that thing,
which I quite admire,
no limits, no time to retire
and with your dreams as wide as the nights sky,
you follow it through,
you're never too shy,
never give up, on us
never let me go, cause
I'm right here,
but this you know

Chorus: Nude, we will be
but beautiful for once,
discovering each other,
our bare bodies provide this love,
the fuel for us,
nude, we will be
but what is nude,
when it's you and me, comfortably
your eyes as deep as the water we swim in

we follow, we fall so deeply
tranquil in each others arms,
our minds over the matter,
and if I let you down,
you'd never tell me so,
you'll wait for me,
until I'm ready
until my bodies wounds cease to bleed

oh, empty vessels once more,
the lovers we were now and before,
sink to the bottom of the sea,
but we're growing new things,
where good things happen,
oh, emptiness once more


ending: Nude, we will be
but what is nude when it's you and me,

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