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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Title: Another Girl Written By: Eeleanor Diplock

And I'll never say I told you so,
the day you went away left me oh so bitter,
and I'll never let these walls come down,
too many fears I'm full of now,
oh so bitter

I thank myself for wanting you,
it's all ever be capable of,
never the slightest attraction besides from my eyes
which hide such pretty devastation

chorus: I'm hoping one day,
you'll say those words, that I've been craving to hear
your chaotic scent lingers in the air,
and creates an atmosphere in which nobody is welcome to endure
leave my body, lay me down, I'm just another girl that got too near

and if we were to meet again,
it'd be in my dreams, my friend
where the happiness is for us to pretend
and the constant pain in my heart is from you again
the pain I never missed becomes my best friend

you say I never think,
but your words let big ships sink
and the bodies you so strongly love,
they float into the skies above,
and you're never in the wrong,
I'm the fool and it took me so long
to realise all the real lies,
to look beneath your shallow eyes


ending: Do I have time for this?
I've all the time in the world to see this through,
all the time to settle down, you and me

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