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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Title: Do you follow? Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And I know where you would like to be,
but with me I'll change the things you seem to believe,
the black and white world you claim to see,
a good feeling we both share, intertwined in this love of ours

and would you look at me how no one's ever looked at me before?
tell me all the things that you adore, are there any?
just say yes, that the feeling you've become too used to is loneliness
I'd like to leave, if I ever were to feel it
the courage to cease it if I discovered it right next to the heart on my sleeve

Chorus: follow my body into the shadows,
the regret that you'll feel is just another doubt
and you hear but you never listen,
this vibrant collaboration of feelings were always too much,
for the frail minds which our empty vessels carry
but passion fuels this romance, but we're lacking everything
over and over again

and if I said I felt it, would you admit you felt it too?
you shy away from the words you long to say,
but you're slacking any confidence, like you always do

and the touch you never felt,
you bite the hand that feeds you tender news,
you're very optimistic for a pessimistic opportunist
but you've turned me away, pushed me in a different direction
away from everything to do with you


ending: I've no hope for this,
if this is love then promise to let me go,
I'm far too young and foolish to endure the pain of your kisses

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