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Friday, 1 June 2012

Title: My fix. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And this light in this room,
is reflecting off the both of us,
the providers from a different kind of love,
envy our chemistry because it's deeper than any numbers or signs,
we've the ability to give hope to the sick and trust to the young

we could wrap this little world around our fingertips,
and it'd never feel like it ever weighed enough,
the worries that sway from the touch of your lips
keep me alive and feeling young
and lovesick I'll be on the day that you leave,
but I wish for that day not to come around,
cause the way you hold me here,
my body breathless,
the taste of you lingers beneath my tongue

Chorus: And every time we blink our eyes,
the world it shifts beneath our feet,
we couldn't change even if we tried,
but you and me is all I need,
capture me in a thousand lies,
and wrap me in your warmth,
the love I crave is in your eyes,
so move me slowly but stay a while

and they say we're the fools if lust is in our mind,
but the attraction I see in you lies beneath your eyes,
and you're still, still so beautiful
in your own repulsive way,
but beautiful to me, is how you'll always stay

your smile is ever so delightful,
the way your body moves leaves me feeling frightful,
but when I'm with you I feel at home,
when I'm with you I feel at home


ending: Love me tender, love me so
if you stop feeling anything for me, let me know
because the night is young as the sun it sets,
but my eyes are set on you, I've placed my bet

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