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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Title: Head Low. Written By:Eleanor Diplock

I wish I stayed, stayed
I'll fall, on my knees
tell me all that I should be
I'll fall, on my knees
tell me all that I should feel,
feel when you're with me

and your demons, they follow me
everywhere I go, I'll stay if I want to, it's just a matter of how long I'll remain
when I'm with you my mind fades to grains
I've seen you in my nightmare before,
the distant familiar face I just couldn't quite know
who wants to know? who even cares?
all that is mine, is rusting
no one will know
the feelings inside, frozen, never change

Chorus: Under the covers, under cover
we'll be all we could ever be, together
we'll make this our own defeat,
undercover, under the covers of the bed we live in
recover, if I catch your eye it was by accident
and how far we've gone, what we've become - we
and in the moments that keep us moving, together
under the covers, under cover
no one will ever know
you and I

waves crash along the shore,
just like our bodies, battered and lonely
tomorrow you're gone,
and the words I should of said, but didn't know how to
and all the actions I could of made, but never knew what they meant
and in this heart, mortality is staring me to death
skin to skin, I lose my breath
I won't think about it, you, at all
if that's all you ever want,
I'll hang my head low, in the shadows of you
I won't think about it, you, at all


ending: unaware, the gaze you once saw no longer present
your eyes moved on, for a love brand new, someone who's body was loved by you
under the covers, under cover
keep your heart close to the ground,
buried, is where I'll be found

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