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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Title: Together (imagination) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

We should think about it, we should talk it about, us
it's us against this world,
we should walk around, breathe through our broken lungs,
and we should talk about it, us
it's us against this world

I want you to fight for me,
pull me out of the dark,
hold me like you're in love, again, again
I crave for you to be right for me,
but I'm just another source of misery,
I want you to fight for me, again, again

It's not what you say,
it's what you do,
it's not what you've got, you throw it all away
you crawl back inside for another day
it's not how you move, you do that well
whatever you do, I'm under your spell
under your spell

chorus: deeply devoted disaster,
I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you
under the covers with another body you can't touch,
I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you
and it's so much brighter when you're near, but you'll never be, never be
but apart is where our minds work for the best, you'll see
you'll see

shake me off of your mind,
I'll leave, I'll leave
a toxic mass inside your lungs,
you'll breathe, you'll breathe
the sharpening pain inside your eyes,
I'll be, I'll be
shake me off of your mind,
it's bitter but so much better in the long-term, apart
apart we'll be, but together thrown and tied at the seams


ending: Just another one, another body
your heart flickers like a candle in the dark, unsettling to see
and when the dark corners of my brain give in, to us
united, a thousand miles apart,
the closest we will be

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