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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Title: Unaware. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

So give me your kisses,
I can't afford to be afraid,
wasting in sighs every second of the day,
in hope of you, in hope of you

show me ways to be loved,
feel the pain inside my heart,
I only wanted you to feel,
to be a part of something real,
was that always too much to ask of you?

Chorus:but you don't know me at all,
just a stranger in your path,
and when you stare, stare hard,
you never look beyond the surface,
all you want is to be happy, be happy without me
and you gave to me a secret, polished with hesitance
and you don't know me at all,
just another face to put behind the fall

I want to watch us grow, in every way, and every day
the disappointment slows, I want to spend the night on the shores of the ocean
all around the world on your shoulder, I'll leave the grey days behind
sail across the skies, with you in my mind
I'll leave today, and leave you behind

and is it really that bad to be in love with who you are,
but hate every inch of you, collision of feelings at the same time,
and I'll walk through the night, the darkest corners, you in my mind
haunt yourself clean, take what's yours then leave it


ending: you're unaware of where you belong, but by my side
is an awkward delight, an awkward never known love
and you're just the person I long to see, when the night rolls in and gives up towards the sun
and you're unaware of what you truly desire, but my body is enough for you to get by

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