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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Title: The rush Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And I'll never fit in, never be enough
but that's alright, as long as I feel your touch
and you were never waiting for me,
in the sidelines I call my own,
I never showed you what this love was,
if you never ask, the answer will always be no

the silence is predicted,
the inevitable disappointment,
the words I leak from my lips,
the words you were never meant to hear
and I was there waiting to let you know,
we're building all of this up, just to break and crash down
a reminiscence of what we had

chorus: And you live for the rush,
it's all a bit too much when you're the one that's hurting now
you're the one that's hurting now,
and I'm the only one to take this all away,
so set your aims as high as your standards,
I'm no fool, I'll be the beckon to your call

and I'd ask if you cared,
but why would I ask if I knew what you'd say?
the words and pain you hide away,
I won't fall for a second character,
I'll never love you, more than yesterday

if I could brush off these feelings,
baby I'd be skin and bones,
I could apologise for never being enough,
my physical appearance was always too rough around the edges,
and you never really accepted, that


ending: and another day goes by where I won't think of you,
the sun it rises but I set my eyes on you,
a different shade, a shade of blue
and I could of think of when we were a combination,
but I can't waste any more of my time feeling lonely when I remember

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