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Monday, 11 June 2012

Title: Reoccurance Written By:Eleanor Diplock

I was cold and frozen, trying to understand you
mixed signals shine through the dark doubts in your mind,
and it's the build up, the suspense we both crave for
and once around the world, my love
reaching out for no other than you

And we're not parallel lines,
we'll meet again, but I'm not sure where, not sure when
I walked around for hours, trying to be your friend
and does this mean, anything to you? do you feel it too?

Chorus: and you quiver like a candle,
I'm fascinated by your consistent love,
you never doubt my ability,
you're feeling instead of being,
more than I am on the inside,
infatuated by your moods,
searching for your clues
infatuated by you

and I'm homesick,
even though I never left from here,
any space between is better be short lived,
because you bring out the worst in me,
you said it's for the best, you see
and I'm homesick,
even though I never left your side
by your side I'll remain, until our love becomes nothing but a distant cry

and I'm misread,
I'll misread your signals,
take them in and digest, with every touch
and I can only hope that you mean those three words,
that so gently flick from your loving tongue

and what do you know?
it happened again,
the constant craving for being more than friends,
and you've always got to be somewhere,
and what do you know?
it happened again


ending: and how come no one told me,
the loneliest people were always the ones who spoke wise words,
we've too many things we admire to be considered different,
and what do you know, it happened again

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