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Monday, 11 June 2012

Title: No big deal. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And when you ask me what I do all day,
I do nothing but think of you, the memory of your arms I'm forever clinging to
the image of my haven, my loved one,
the simple chords of his song, fading

and this is no big deal,
driven by simple selfish beings,
we remain intact even after the depths we're sleeping in,
these sheets, pull them back and reveal a sweeter love,
wrap me up in all you have tonight,
wrap me up tight

Chorus: And in my tears I sail to you,
the comfort you provide is never short lived,
a characteristic I strongly admire,
together we build a fort made from desire,
we create a symphony, me and you
and this is no big deal, even though we settle for less
and this is no big deal, our consistency comes and go
but you always make me stay for longer though,
many people play these games so willingly,
but I'll never be like them, lonely
and this is no big deal, together we settle, for less

a few more weeks to get into you,
my laugh set deep in your bones,
we've become too fond of never being alone,
and you'll find another me again,
another me again, another me again

a few less words that I could promise you,
you study them as they leave my lips,
you're an analyser of all things that you're unsure of,
a few more days and you'll never let me go


ending: and this love is no big deal,
they say we're too young to feel desire so true, you
the pain I get from you is surreal, it replaces the haven
and his song, it's fading
love is no big deal
this love is no big deal

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