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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Title: I have been the one Written By: Eleanor Diplock

We're dancing in the dark, too scared to take our clothes off
don't you dare let me down, that's all I ask of you
and when your hesitant now, it's all pretentious
the way I feel about you now, is more than friendship
and you're constantly surprised at everything I'm saying
but the voice you long to hear inside has always been fading
so we'll wait for confidence plucked through dutch courage
a few more beers and we'll be on our way

and in the morning, we'll have conversations we'll never say
you've been loved in a particular way
my love, my love wasn't pure enough for you to receive
you're always away, I can't lose this
I'd kill to have your kiss
I can't lose this
and I'm losing my head, completely

Chorus: And I have been the one,
to lift you up high,
and you tore me up, with promises we both know you could never keep,
and you felt my scars, on bare ground
I could have provided everything for you, but commitment was never in my mind
and I have been the one, to lift you up high
when all else fails, you still have me by your side
unwanted and worn, you have been loved

this is the real thing,
our skin apart, no longer touching
this is the real thing, is there a meaning here?
are all the words thrown from your tongue sincere?

don't bring me down,
free I long to be, with your love
I'll forget you love,
I'll have the last laugh,
the jokes on you, my dear
I left you out, inside my mind
so easy to see the start, of you ripping my life apart


ending: See me gather words,
to let you know, I'll forget you
it's so very hard to let this go,
you were the first one I let within, inside
my mind crushes my body, my soul remains fine
but my sweetheart, I'll forget you soon

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