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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Title: Plastic Lover. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

This I where I lose my sanity, the only thing going for me in my life
the valued transaction of affection, something I've never been able to afford
this is where I lose all control, I find another challenge, I can now call my own
it's hard to become better, when every vital thing is out of reach, out of hand
every excuse I ever made up, to tell the truth is a situation I'll never find myself in

 how easy and painful it is to fall for you,
a simple word from your lips press my mind, yet I'm conceived as a fool
I've followed you many times, into the darkness, where you rest your beautiful body

Chorus: We're all just plastic people,
mislead by the expectations of our lovers
we all wait on the day we'll reveal what's underneath the shallow covers
we compromise on a lust that we can never afford to keep
we're all just plastic people
searching for what's beneath

I'll shake you off, shake this off
the mutual feelings we never talk about
we push all hope aside as we pray for the night when we'll be inside each other
forming an orderly queue of everything we've desired
just one moment with you, and everything will be alright

You just like to fight, the verbal bite that you often provide
I surrender with the pain in my eyes, I never have to say, you always know
your touch frozen under a moss of warmth
disguised in the cracks in your fingers,  where other people would show


Ending: Fool me, foolishly
we're all just plastic people
and when the sun comes I'll melt into you
with admiration at all the wrong things you say but the right things you never do

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