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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Title: To feel real. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

We've gone sour,
pour another drink and we'll forget we're fools,
shine for me, for just another hour
the darkness seeps right into my soul
it's time to say goodbye, to everything you wanted,
everything you thought I could be, dismiss me
I'd wait here like flowers growing in dry land,
wilting is a state I'll forever be

I say the wrong thing but always recover with the touch of a hand,
I'll listen when you only want me to hear, look but never when you're near
as soon as you leave my sight I watch you miles away
used to this feeling, an isolated way I'll solemnly live by

Chorus: Once around the world, my friend
I guarantee we won't ever be the same
I force myself to feel for you, but the happiness subsides once again
and you wonder why I form myself into a reclusive state
I do it for you, for you to love, me and my selfish ways
because if you can't love me, then who ever will?

Every extra moment I spend with you, is one I always adore
but as soon as I'm apart from you, my body weeps from its sores
and it's self inflicted, this is how I feel,
but can you learn to love me? to touch me? to trust me?
even when the beauty whilst I sleep seems surreal

I've been counting the days down to when we'll see each other again,
but those days have just been a figment in my imagination, I won't pretend
I assume we're just parallel lines, never allowed or forced to meet
we'll just let fate walk by as we turn repulsive and lazy
and I'll live in this acid house, burnt down to my knees
I'll pray for you, to return, my love
I'll wait for your return, my love


ending: If I ever pushed you away, it was unintentional
a reaction I so often take, to feel anything other than real
one perceives as hunger, I just crave your taste
I wake, tangled in covers
you could never know

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