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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Title: The Moon. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I'm letting go, letting go
I never thought I'd say so, but the weakness I had for you
carries strength and pushes me as I move
I see things that you no longer know
all of me is hoping for you, hoping for the shore
to make things feel real, real with you

and with my eyes closed,
I'll be running fast, away and into you
I can't wait for you, wait for your love
it's been all too long, to be with me now
so I'll just move on past, as fast as I can
and close you, the door behind me

Chorus: The moon stays, but I'll leave
for you've been always, choking on me
you don't know, you don't know
if I could hold you, just for one night
I wouldn't be the same, completely changed
and I'd take back all I've said, and all I've done
because this love seems unreal, unreal for me now
the moon stays, but I'll go
with your words, I've always been choking
set me free, free

And when you come close, it's like a knife pressing my chest down
I'm in way too deep, but I've lost my way
I don't know where to go, wherever I go there you are
a shadow in the dark, a light so bright the eye can no longer see

In dark nights I behave, in dark nights I pray
cause we're dancing on our toes,
too afraid to break the mould,
and wherever I am, you're always there


ending: The moon stays, with your presence
but I'll always leave,
choking on the words you never say,
the breath you take, intoxicates me
and the moon stays, but I'll go in your presence

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