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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Title: Heal me WrittenBy: Eleanor Diplock

The art of cruelty remains in your eyes,
and oh, I get lost in you
in your selfish ways
the beautiful mind, the lack of pain in words you say
I don't want to hesitate, any longer
yeah it's warm, in your presence
comforts me when I'm gone

I can't reveal what's in my mind,
the constant desire to be better, heal me in time
I can't heal my wounds, so I'll bleed in the dark
countless times I've broken down, never figuring out what's wrong
heal me, heal, heal me

Chorus: sitting with a stranger,
the love I used to know,
save myself from hurting, from wanting you
sitting with a stranger,
no longer alone,
I'll save myself from hurting, from wanting you
just about to lose my mind, your timing oh so right
leave me foolish, craving your soul
I'll conquer this world, on my own

this old love, burns bright and dies for you
reincarnated into somebody new
a love I no longer feel for you
a shame I carry as boldly as I move
and yes I'm moving on, looking for a new direction
thinking back to innocent, no longer connected, no broken heart to throw around
and you, you move like a dream but disappear into the night sky


ending: I long to never die, forever wanting to be by your side
my lust it slips into your hands, I've tasted your lips so much I've lost my way
and in time, you'll move like a dream, disappearing into the night sky
I still get the same feeling inside, self destruction
sabotage my innocent smile

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